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January, 2010 > Details

Nara Umenoyado
Bizen Omachi rice (100%) is used. It has a strongly defined taste but keeps a mellow flavor within this strength. You can enjoy this balanced flavor gently spreading in your mouth. When this o-sake is warmed it becomes even mellower.

■Brand name: Umenoyado Omachi Yamahai Junmaiginjo
■Price: ¥2.730
■Type: Junmaiginjo
■Prefecture: Nara
■Brewery: Umenoyado
■Amount: 1.800ml
■Rice type used: Bizenomachi 100%
■Rice polishing ratio: 50%
■Sake Meter Value: +3
■Acidity: 2.0
■Amino Acidity: 1.8
■Alcohol Content: 17-18%

Sotogahama Tokubetsujunmai Namagenshu Usunigori
This is a youthful o-sake with a distinctive aroma. The special feature of this o-sake is that its level of alcohol is a little high but it still retains a soft taste.
We recommend drinking this o-sake on the rocks.

■Brand name: Sotogahama Tokubetsujunmai Namagenshu Usunigori
■Price: ¥1.650
■Type: Tokubetsujunmai
■Prefecture: Aomori
■Brewery: Nishida
■Amount: 720ml
■Rice type used: Hanafubuki(from Aomori)
■Rice polishing ratio: 55%
■Sake Meter Value: +1
■Acidity: -
■Amino Acidity: -
■Alcohol Content: 17%